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The Academy of Ufology, a private association, is an effective share of effort of knowledge regarding the investigation of UFO sighting reports in a reliable operational structure. Each member is committed to take part in the improvement of the ufology, by sharing his knowledge and participating in the Academy’s activities, according to his personal means.
The issue of Ufology is:
- the conquest of the various levels of reality revealed by transdisciplinarity,
- an overhaul of the official discourse on what the reality is,
- the opening of rationality.



operation concord


on 1 month from 8 Jan. to 8 Feb. 2015

Thank you to Michel Ribardière and the FEA , to ovnis-direct, to the CERPI of Michel Van Bockestal, to UFO Latvia of Evgeny Sidorov and to the website “Les Confins” who has forwarded the information.

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Publications of the Academy

2013 Activity Report

A New Ufological Doctrine

The Little Green Men of MINI MINI, by Albert ROSALES

The Forgotten humanoid and other encounters of the roaring 20’s, by Albert ROSALES

COSMIC CARS And Other Road Oddities, by Albert ROSALES

Aurora,TR-3 ,Black Manta and the Triangles of the Night by Anthony J. TAMBINI

There is a mystery in the sky. Since the late 1970s people worldwide have reported strange dark somewhat triangular craft sailing through the night sky. These craft, more often than not, are reported to be huge and silent. These craft, more often than not, are reported to be huge and silent. They operate at very low altitudes over both large and small population centers. We must conclude that a portion of these sightings are indeed of something not manufactured on earth. Lets then look at what may be “ours” and what could be “theirs”. load the pdf version.

About Roswell

1 - Possible location of the Roswell Disc as well as other crashed discs by Anthony J. TAMBINI
The United States Air Force claims that it did not recover a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico - This statement is technically true. The recovery took place some 200 miles to the west somewhere in the Plains of San Agustin area. The United States Air Forces claims that it did not ship the recovered UFO to Wright-Patterson Air Base - This statement is true. The recovered craft was shipped to a different location. This is the theory behind this paper.

Article of Jim DEMANCHE, Director of the CUFORS (California UFO Research Society)

How to become Member of the Academy of Ufology ?

Just send a demand to the coordination. Documents and application form will be sent to you. WARNING: Adhesion is free ! You can download the documents. You just have to fulfill and sign the application form. Attention, by signing the application form, you accept the code of ethic and you commit yourself respecting it. Send also a copy of a document of identity and a brief CV in order to know you. Documents for download: Application Form , Code of Ethic , Press Release

Articles following:
Open Letter from Admiral Pinon to Nicolas Sarkozy
Random, intentionality, freewill, neguentropic field, the neguentron ©
The Forgotten humanoid and other encounters of the roaring 20’s
COSMIC CARS And Other Road Oddities
Random / intentionality / freewill / neguentropic field / the neguentron
Scientific Research in Ufology
Aurora,TR-3 ,Black Manta and the Triangles of the Night By Anthony Tambini
First instructions to sample soils from Nancy TALBOTT
Legal information to import soils in the USA